Customized closet
Closet is the storage of clothing cabinet furniture, usually stainless steel, solid wood (wood fragrance board, solid wood particle board, medium fiber board), tempered glass, hardware accessories for materials, generally with the cabinet, door panels, silent wheels, door curtains as components, built-in hanging rod, trouser rack, pull basket, sterilization lamps and other accessories, using punching, assembly, riveting, welding and other processes, with flame retardant, rodent-proof, seamless anti-cockroach, dustproof, mothproof, moisture-proof The role of fire retardant, rodent-proof, seamless cockroach-proof, dustproof, moth-proof, moisture-proof, clean and beautiful, easy to move. Commonly divided into flat door, cabinet and cabinet outside the sliding door, etc., the closet used in the plate is generally stainless steel, metal, wood, etc., is one of the furniture commonly used in the family.
With the continuous improvement of home living standards, custom closet is also gradually reflected in the eyes of home improvement friends. People pay more attention to the choice of closet, most people prefer custom closet, custom closet internal space is more reasonable. Custom closet is chosen by more and more families, which is closely related to its close to home life tailored, fashionable, environmental protection, professional, personalized and other characteristics, and custom closet has also become the next home closet consumption hotspots.

1. Cabinet plate selection
Custom closet panels are divided into two categories: one is solid wood panels, the second is man-made panels. Man-made board commonly used on three kinds: particle board, solid wood multi-layer board, density board.
2. Cabinet door plate selection
Cabinet door material according to the appearance of a variety of shapes, you need to choose according to their needs, commonly used are the following: solid wood doors, crystal acrylic panels, melamine panels, blister doors, PET doors, baked doors.
On the choice of custom closet panels, not only to consider the performance of the panels themselves good and bad, but also to consider the price of the appropriate, of course, the most important thing is to be environmentally friendly.

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