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Juli Sports Successfully Sponsors One Of The Three Giants Of Eredivisie!

Here comes the blockbuster news! With solid brand value and powerful enterprise-strength, Juli Sports successfully won the top club in Eredivisie, Feyenoord Rotterdam, one of the three giants of Dutch football. In the future, Juli sports will gallop across Eredivisie!

Blockbuster! Huili Sports Successfully Signs Molde FK

The signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement marked Huili Sports’ successful acquisition of Molde FK, the parent club of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In future matches, athletes of Molde FK are expected to be seen playing in Huili Sports’ shirts.

Huili Sports Cooperates With Molde FK To Start A New League Journey

It is officially announced that Huili Sports, as a top sports and entertainment brand, has reached a sponsorship agreement with Molde FK from the Norwegian League. Model FK, garbed in an outfit resembling Huili Sports, will go on the expedition to the league in the future!

A Hidden Agenda In The Name Of The 2022 Winter Olympics

As the world looks forward to the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has added “Together” to the universally known Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. This change is not only in response to the coronavirus pandemic but also to the common challenges faced by all humanity. However, for some time, the Falun Gong cult has been manipulating human rights and other issues to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. They politicize sport, which not only violates the spirit of the Olympic Charter but also casts a shadow over the unity of humanity in the face of a c

The application of CO2 laser marking machine in food industry

CYCJET Flying laser marking machine technology in packaging to replace the traditional inkjet printer. The laser marking on food packaging, fast and clear, the marking information can not be erased & removed by any chemical liquids, completely eliminate the hidden danger of human altered marking information, undoubtedly add another guarantee for food safety. In addition, the laser marking system no need any consumable materials, less maintenance and long lifetime.

Scientific Study Finds NNB L-Ergothioneine can improve the plasma level of total GSH significantly

Newest Scientific Study Demonstrates NNB L-Ergothioneine (Mitoprime®) Significantly Increases The Plasma Level of Total GSH, Proving That It Can Improve Total Antioxidant Protection

The new conception of the GAMEFI world-based on the BSC chain

Recently, everyone knows the Facebook focus on the "Meta Universe" market and it has been change the name what call the “Meta”, Microsoft announced the "Microsoft Teams" become the "Meta Universe", Many people even regard 2021 as the "first year of the meta-universe".

Ergothioneine’s Benefits Begin at the Sub-Cellular Level and Continue through to Organ Directly

Except For the In Vitro Experiment on Antioxidant Capability, Recent Trials Prove Ergothioneine’s Benefits for Use in Brain Health and Cognition, Heart Health, Kidney Protection and Liver Health.

Gas channeling identification of CO2 flooding in low permeability reservoirs

Gas channeling identification of CO2 flooding in low permeability reservoirs

Chinese-English bilingual Yue Opera song