Super strong type II tile adhesive 10 bags/group


The construction temperature is 5-35°C;The proportion of gouache and powder can be adjusted appropriately due to different substrates, weather, construction conditions, etc,; it is forbidden to add other materials to change the glue Viscous powder ratio and performance; During construction in rainy days, be sure to take protective measures to cover, and ensure that the construction area is covered within 24 hours after tling.not get wet by rain;The, glue should be used within 2-3 hours according to weather conditions;Do not mix the dried glue with water before using it,After the brick laying is completed, the next step of calking can be carried out only after the glue paddle is completely dry (about 24 hours);The tile adhesive should be applied evenly and fully, and the thickness of the adhesive layer should be half the height of the tooth pitch of the toothed scraper used.

1. High bonding strength and fast hardening speed can greatly improve the service life and decorative effect of various paving materials.

2. The construction is convenient. It can be used only by processing an appropriate amount of clean water and mixing. The pasted tiles can be pasted directly without blisters.

3. Excellent compressive and tensile strength, water resistance, alkali resistance and weather resistance, not affected by the environment.

4. It has good workability, good water retention, workability and anti falling property. During the bonding process, the ceramic tile can be adjusted for 10 minutes and the operation time is 60 minutes.

5. The construction of ultra-thin layer can be realized, and the thickness of the coating is less than half of that of the traditional process, which can save the cost and reduce the shrinkage rate, and will not cause the cracking and falling off of the decorative bonding surface due to stress.

6. Non toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, it is a real green environmental protection product.

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