Sheryl Sandberg share the future development direction of Facebook


Facebook’s current COO, Sheryl Sandberg, visited the headquarters of (in Palo Alto) on 4th November, a charity she initiated in her early years. She told reporters: “Women must be more aware of their voices to fight for more. They should step out of their comfort zone and learn to take a step forward. This is why I have been enthusiastic about promoting Lean In for many years. Now we have more than 2 million members, and we have branch organizations in Europe, America and 50 other countries."


When the reporter asked her about the future development direction of Facebook, she announced to the reporter about the latest project of Facebook, FBtasks.


According to the Sheryl, FBtasks is a project that created after Facebook successfully acquired LiveRail in 2014. The main purpose is to allow all Facebook users to have the opportunity to join the "platform sharing" advocated by Facebook Business and earn income.


"We successfully acquired LiveRail in 2014. At that time, Mark Zuckerberg asked me what I think. In fact, my view is very simple, as we should integrate LiveRail's cutting-edge

video technology into Facebook's huge user base, and then promote the Facebook ads and commercial promotional videos of our advertisers to people around the world. We must not underestimate the trend of the "Internet Celebrity Economy", which is the catalyst for online advertising and short videos in the near future." Shirley explained to the reporter patiently.


Obviously, under the influence of the universalization of mobile phones, Internet technology has been developed rapidly. On average, people spend 3-6 hours a day on mobile phones, surfing the Internet, navigating, shopping, and even entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, it will inevitably remind people of social media. As today's social media dominance, Facebook began to pay attention to the development trend of the "Internet Celebrity Economy" as early as 2012. This is why Facebook was willing to invest heavily in the acquisition of Instagram.

Sheryl then told reporters: “Facebook’s future business core will be based on FBtasks, focusing on promoting FBtasks to all parts of the world. We want our loyal users to get a certain return, and we want every Facebook user to be able to gain revenue through FBtasks. Therefore, we will start to conduct user experience testing first in Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines."

In fact, Facebook’s motive is not difficult to understand. After all, in Asia, Facebook has 5 billion users, which is 60% of the total number of Facebook users. Let us look forward to what kind of changes FBtasks can bring to people, and see how FBtasks allows people to earn endless amounts of money on the Internet.

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