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The distribution box is a low-voltage distribution box composed of switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in closed or semi closed metal cabinets or panels according to the requirements of electrical wiring. During normal operation, the circuit can be connected or disconnected with the help of manual or automatic switch. In case of fault or abnormal operation, cut off the circuit or alarm with the help of protective appliances. The measuring instrument can display various parameters in operation, adjust some electrical parameters, and prompt or send signals for deviation from the normal working state.

The commonly used distribution boxes are made of wood and metal. Because the protection grade of metal distribution boxes is higher, metal distribution boxes are more used.

Classification by structural features and uses:

(1) Fixed panel switchgear is often called switch board or distribution panel. It is an open switch cabinet with a panel barrier. The front side has a protective effect, and the back and side can still touch the live parts. The protection level is low. It can only be used in industrial and mining enterprises with low requirements for power supply continuity and reliability for centralized power supply in the substation.

(2) Protective (i.e. closed) switchgear refers to a low-voltage switchgear in which all sides are closed except the mounting surface. The switch, protection, monitoring and control and other electrical components of this cabinet are installed in a closed shell made of steel or insulating materials, which can be reliably installed on or off the wall. No isolation measures can be taken between each circuit in the cabinet, or grounded metal plate or insulating plate can be used for isolation. Generally, the door is mechanically interlocked with the main switch. In addition, there is a protective desk type switchgear (i.e. console), which is equipped with control, measurement, signal and other electrical appliances. The protective switchgear is mainly used as the power distribution device at the process site.

(3) Drawer type switchgear. This kind of switch cabinet is made of steel plate into a closed shell, and the electrical components of the incoming and outgoing circuit are installed in withdrawable drawers to form a functional unit that can complete a certain kind of power supply task. Between the functional unit and the bus or cable, the functional board made of grounded metal plate or plastic is separated to form three areas of bus, functional unit and cable. Isolation measures are also taken between each functional unit. Drawer type switchgear has high reliability, safety and interchangeability. It is a relatively advanced switchgear. Most of the switchgear refers to drawer type switchgear. They are applicable to industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings that require high reliability of power supply, and serve as centralized control power distribution centers.

(4) Power and lighting distribution control box. Most of them are closed vertical installation. Due to different use occasions, the protection grade of the shell is also different. They are mainly used as power distribution devices at the production site of industrial and mining enterprises.


(1) the construction power distribution system shall be equipped with a general distribution box, a distribution box, and a switch box, which shall be set in a hierarchical manner in the order of "general - off - on", and form a "three-level power distribution" mode.

(2) The installation position of each distribution box and switch box of the power distribution system for construction shall be reasonable. The main distribution box should be as close to the transformer or external power supply as possible to facilitate the introduction of power. The distribution box shall be installed in the center of the relatively concentrated electrical equipment or load as far as possible to ensure that the three-phase load is balanced. The installation position of the switch box shall be as close to the electrical equipment it controls as possible according to the site conditions and working conditions.

(3) Ensure the three-phase load balance of the temporary power distribution system. The power and lighting power at the construction site should form two power circuits, and the power distribution box and lighting distribution box should be set separately.

(4) All electrical equipment on the construction site must have their own special switch boxes.

(5) The boxes and internal settings of distribution boxes at all levels must comply with safety regulations. The switching appliances should be marked with purpose, and the boxes should be numbered uniformly. The power supply of the power distribution box that is out of use shall be cut off and the door of the box shall be locked. The fixed distribution box shall be provided with a fence and rain proof and smash proof measures.

(6) The difference between distribution box and distribution cabinet. According to gb/t20641-2006 General requirements for empty shells of low voltage switchgear and control equipment

Distribution boxes are generally used in families, while distribution cabinets are mostly used in centralized power supply, such as industrial power and building power. Distribution boxes and distribution cabinets belong to complete sets of equipment, distribution boxes belong to complete sets of low-voltage equipment, and distribution cabinets have high voltage and low voltage.

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