Plastic Coated Copper Water Pipe


Plastic-clad copper water pipes are composed of seamless copper pipes conforming to GB/T 18033 standard and covered with anti-wear and corrosion-resistant polyethylene plastics. They are widely used in various pipeline projects, such as indoor hot and cold water pipes, buried pipes and Pipes exposed to corrosive environments. According to the outer polyethylene, it is divided into two types: toothed ring and flat ring, among which:
The toothed ring plastic copper-clad pipe has a built-in concave groove, which can trap air to form a thermal insulation layer and increase the radial expansion and contraction capacity of the plastic. It is suitable for cold and hot water pipes and can effectively prevent condensation.
The flat ring plastic copper-clad pipe has the characteristics of wear resistance and tightness, which can effectively prevent moisture and corrosion. It is suitable for hot and cold water pipes, buried, buried walls and pipes exposed to corrosive environments. This product is also suitable for conveying gas or other gas pipeline. With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for drinking water quality are getting higher and higher, so more and more attention has been paid to the water quality. The health and safety of the water supply network is the lifeline, and the two important factors that directly affect the water quality are the water source and the water pipeline. The selection of pipe network materials will directly affect the water quality of users. Reasonable selection of water supply pipes ensures that there will be no "secondary pollution" to water quality caused by pipes, and improves the hygiene, safety and stability of water quality to ensure the healthy development of the water supply industry. The sanitation and safety guarantee system for the water quality of the network ensures that the water quality of the pipe network meets the new water quality standards ("Urban Water Quality Standards" of the Ministry of Construction) and is in line with international standards. The plastic-clad copper water pipe is a new type of pipe industry developed in recent years, and the proportion of the use of various types of pipes has made a great breakthrough. The society has widely recognized the necessity of copper for the infrastructure of modern human life, the importance of copper as the basic element of human health and the concept of indispensable trace amounts and its positive contribution to sustainable development. The characteristics of copper water pipes point out that copper-plastic clad water pipes are the "icing on the cake" series of bare copper water pipes

Copper pipe conveying cold or hot water has many advantages such as safety, hygiene, sterilization, longevity, etc. However, because copper is a good conductor of heat, conveying hot water will cause the water temperature to drop too fast, and conveying cold water will easily freeze the inside of the pipe at low temperatures. , and the alternation of cold and heat will have adverse effects on the concrete building materials outside the tube. The copper-plastic composite structure with the inner layer of copper pipe and the outer layer of polyethylene or polypropylene (PPR) plastic can promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. It is a new generation of high-end buildings. Water supply (cold, hot) pipes. This paper introduces the performance characteristics and manufacturing technology of "polyethylene foam plastic-clad thermal insulation copper pipe" and "PPR lined copper reinforced composite pipe" successfully developed by Shanghai Baoyang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

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