Joint Robot For Cnc Broaching Machine


Sichuan Boert Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is the key investment and introduction enterprise of Luzhou high-tech intelligent manufacturing industry in 2016. We are committed to "intelligent manufacturing", and continue to summarize and explore the application of a variety of industries and standard equipment, to provide a full range of intelligent solutions for manufacturing customers. Our company in the field of automation production line equipment development covers robot system integration, robot vision integration application, automatic detection and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, etc., and can provide technical training as well as after-sales service.

For the production of machine tools to achieve ielligent loading and unloading operations, can be installedl in the ground or air truss on the robot or one machine to interact with each other to complete the customer needs the process. Related operations can also be fixed, truss suspension robot to complete the pick -up, clamping, unloading to the silo, and at the same time to achieve no one three- dimensional storage function. The entire process can monitor the production of kanban information through the system to the production data center, and MES 1 ERP 1 MRP to achieve data exchange and communication.

Boert sticks to the service first philosophy. Whether it's a single device or a full set of turnkey projects, through our professional services and technical support, you will share our experience in different applications in different areas.

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