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Beiqiang shelves are divided into store shelves and warehouse shelves.Store shelves are mainly divided into supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves, drugstore shelves, stationery store shelves, accessories store shelves, vegetable shelves, fruit display shelves. Mainly used in various shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, and chain stores in various industries.
Warehouse shelves are divided into warehouse heavy-duty shelves, medium-sized shelves, light-duty shelves, attic flat shelves, warehouse cantilever shelves, etc. The main applications are various large warehouses, freezers, household storage rooms, etc. Of course, our company's products are also widely used in machinery, chemicals, medicine, automobiles, electronics, food, e-commerce, new materials, coatings, auto parts, tobacco, cold chain logistics, logistics and warehousing and other industries.

The shelves are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, after cutting, cutting, punching, bending, welding and forming, and then surface spraying, pickling, phosphating, degreasing, surface conditioning, cleaning, spraying, packaging and other strict processing processes , The finished products can be used in various places such as stores, warehouses, freezers, etc., saving storage space, and making the goods display beautiful.
The finished product is colorless and odorless, and has obvious physical advantages in terms of load-bearing. Today, Beiqiang shelves have been widely used in various industries such as stores, warehouses, freezers, and home storage rooms.
In addition, the company has full-time product designers, who can provide customers with CAD and 3DMAX technical support, and can show customers a complete set of product design solutions. In most cases, the designer's design concept can be perfectly transformed, so that the real object is closer to the customer's imagination. This is also the highlight of our company, supporting the different customization needs of our customers.

Sichuan Beiqiang Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on January 28, 2000. There are more than 50 front-line production employees and 8 senior technicians. Since the establishment of the company, all employees have made concerted efforts to focus on production and quality, and the products are exported. At home and abroad, it has won widespread praise from customers.
The company's advantages are as follows:
1. Appearance design
The company has full-time product designers, who can provide customers with CAD and 3DMAX technical support, and can show customers a complete set of product design solutions.
Process design: At the same time, the company's engineers with resources can perfectly transform the designer's design concept in most cases, making the object closer to the customer's imagination.
2. Production scale
The company has a complete set of advanced production lines, with an annual output of 10 million sets of shelves. High-tech, high-precision production equipment.
In addition, the company has a complete spraying line, which can do pickling, degreasing, phosphating, surface conditioning, cleaning, wood grain transfer, etc. Currently, most of the deep processing techniques available on the market can be processed with a daily output of 30,000 sets.
3. Quality Specifications
Due to the particularity of the company's product structure (usually non-standard customized products), the company's technical staff have a deep understanding of the complexity and changes of the shelves, and can solve the common quality problems on the market (such as uneven surface) in a timely manner. , the occlusion between the pendants, deformation caused by transportation, etc.). And take these quality standards as the basic quality control specifications, so our quality specifications are higher than the general industry standards.
4. Supporting ability
The company has more than ten long-term strategic cooperative product suppliers (such as adjusting feet, safety bolts, fasteners, cartons, etc.), which can provide one-stop solutions for customer needs,
5. Independent innovation and R&D capabilities
The company has a full-time R&D team, and the research and development of process technology will continue to innovate. At the same time, it can cooperate with customers to carry out technical research on high-end needs, and has independently designed several shelf styles with appearance patents, which can be directly selected and purchased by customers.
6. Transportation capacity
The company has set up a transportation department and has three trucks, which can respond to domestic transportation work without any location. At the same time, it has been working with Aneng, Zhongtong, Shunxin Jetta, three domestic transportation companies, including overseas Jingdong Logistics. In-depth cooperation, we can provide timely and high-quality transportation solutions according to different situations.



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