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This product is a special coating roller for silicon steel sheet, which is suitable for the coating of oriented silicon steel and non oriented silicon steel. With excellent formula combination and harsh selection of raw materials, it replaces the rubber roller imported from Japan. Its service life is equivalent to that imported, and it is selected by most domestic steel mills and state-owned steel mills. Made by a large factory, the quality is trustworthy. Coating roller can also be divided into natural rubber roller, nitrile rubber roller, neoprene rubber roller, butyl rubber roller, ethylene propylene rubber roller, polyurethane rubber roller, silicone rubber roller, carbon fiber roller.

*Natural cots have elasticity, mechanical strength and good alkali resistance. They are used for medium pressure tight cots in textile, papermaking, leather, packaging and other equipment, and traction cots in metallurgy, mining and other industries.
*Nitrile rubber roller: excellent oil resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and heat resistance. It is used for printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, papermaking, packaging, plastic processing and other equipment and other occasions in contact with oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.
*Neoprene cots: excellent wear resistance, high fire resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, used in PCB corrosion machines, plastics, tanning, printing, food iron printing, ordinary coating machines and other equipment.
*Butyl rubber roller: high resistance to chemical solvents, good heat resistance (170 ℃), excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for color printing machinery, tanning machinery, coating equipment, etc.
*The ethylene propylene rubber roller has ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, wide service temperature, can work for a long time at - 65 ℃ - 140 ℃, and has excellent insulation performance. It is used in plastic printing machinery, tanning machinery and general fields.
*Polyurethane cots have extremely high mechanical strength, wear resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance, and are commonly used in papermaking, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery.
*Silicone rubber cots are used for processing hot adhesive products, such as polyethylene calendering, embossing, printing and dyeing, film and fabric coating adhesives, plastic compounding, corona treatment and other machinery, as well as sugar production and packaging machine material release roller and non-woven fabric manufacturing, etc.
*Fluororubber roller has extremely high heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, air permeability resistance, electrical insulation, aging resistance, flame resistance, wear resistance and other properties. It is also used in special coating equipment.

Founded on July 19, 2020, Sichuan Jingyang Jinggong new materials Co., Ltd. is located in block a11, juduo Industrial Park, No. 8, Lantian Avenue, Shifang Economic Development Zone, Sichuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino foreign joint venture Hubei Jingyang rubber products Co., Ltd. in Sichuan. The company's predecessor is Chengdu Jingyang rubber roller manufacturing Co., Ltd. the company's self built plant covers an area of 5 mu, with an investment of 10million yuan, and self built two rubber roller and iron roller production lines, with an annual output of 8000 rubber rollers, There are 5000 iron rollers, with a maximum processing diameter of 1.2 meters and a maximum processing length of 6 meters. The products include drive rollers, sizing rollers, squeeze drying rollers, seamless silicone rollers, bending and unfolding rollers, water-resistant printing rollers, high temperature and high pressure rollers, wood UV rollers, laser rollers, etc. the company has 35 employees and 18 professional technicians, and can provide rubber rollers and iron rods from production to repair and maintenance. The company has a rubber molding laboratory, which maintains close contact with professional laboratories in Shanghai and Qingdao. The predecessor of the company, Chengdu Jingyang rubber roller manufacturing Co., Ltd., has passed the gb/t19001-2016 and iso9001-2015 standard demonstration. Its main partners include Panzhihua Iron and steel company, Baotou Weifeng, listed company Chongqing Wangdian substation, etc. The company's organizational structure is the general manager responsibility system under the board of directors. The general manager is fully responsible for the company's business and concurrently manages the business department. The general manager has an executive deputy general manager to supervise the company's production, finance, safety and logistics. The company pays attention to the construction of "three Simultaneities" of safety production, occupational health and environmental management, and the demonstration of the new ISO quality standard is in progress.

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