Co2 Gas Shielded Welding Machine


The characteristics of CO2 gas shielded welding: high efficiency, strong rust resistance and small area.
1. Oxidative properties of CO2 gas CO2 gas is an oxidizing gas, which will decompose under the high temperature of the arc: CO2=CO+0 In the arc area, about 40-60% of the CO2 gas is decomposed, and the decomposed atomic state Oxygen is strongly oxidizing. The carbon and other alloying elements such as Mn and Si are greatly oxidized, resulting in a great decrease in the mechanical properties of the weld metal
2. The beveled joints in the vertical or inclined position must be welded from bottom to top. For the butt joints and vertical fillet welding of thin plates without grooves, downward welding can be adopted; the horizontal, horizontal and vertical butt joints can be welded in the left direction. When the wind speed is greater than 1m/s in outdoor operations, windproof measures should be adopted. A reasonable welding sequence must be selected according to the structure of the workpiece to be welded
3. The equipment of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding is mainly composed of welding power source, wire feeding system, welding torch, gas supply system and control system.

Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, referred to as two-shielded welding. This process is suitable for the welding of low carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel in various large-scale steel structure projects. It has high welding productivity, good crack resistance, small welding deformation, and a large deformation range. The second-guarantee welding adopts the method of continuous wire feeding, and the welding efficiency is high. According to different welding requirements and scenarios, secondary welding is also divided into solid welding wire and flux-cored welding wire. Solid welding wire and flux-cored welding wire are divided according to the shape and structure of the welding wire. Advantages: multi-board structure, preventing interference, module design, simple maintenance, dust-proof structure design, smoother ventilation

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